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Upon landing one of the tires burst. You do not have to show legal facts, you can bluff. After touchdown, PF activated the thrust reversers but the crew did not feel any deceleration.

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The airplane had been landing towards northwest in heavy rain and marginal conditions, when the brakes failed. Local media quoted an airport worker who claimed the fire was caused by an oxygen cylinder. It landed on Runway 16 m but overran by approx m, stopping beyond the airport boundary fence.

About 50 passengers were treated in hospital for shock and minor injuries but all survived. Six of the seven crew members and 49 of the 55 passengers were killed. Radio contact was lost with the aircraft at approximately Overran at 80kts after a heavy landing on a wet runway. How to Run a Program as an Administrator in Windows 7 Information This will show you how to have a program run as administrator with full elevated rights and privileges in Windows 7.

Both pilots were charged with negligence. Aircraft damaged beyond economical repair after a heavy landing in possible windshear. Take-off aborted due to difference in engine N1 readings.

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All 82 passengers and 6 crew were killed. At this stage the crew initiated a go-around procedure instead of an approach to stall recovery procedure resulting in an actual stall of the aircraft, loss of control and subsequent impact with the ground.

The take-off from Runway 30 was abandoned following a tyre burst at kts. The plane contacted the ground 7. Prior to the end of the runway, PF believed that the aircraft would not be able to stop on the runway and decided to turn the aircraft to the left. If you are doing this is while logged in as standard user instead of an administrator, then you will need to provide the administrator's password before the program will run as administrator.

During the third touchdown on the nose landing-gear, the left nose-tire burst, leaving a shimmy-like mark on the runway. Five people on the ground were also killed. The crew members had reportedly aborted the first approach due to landing gear problems and they were on a go-around from their second approach when the accident occurred.

The right wing of N contacted the left outboard flap, cockpit crew, in the process of starting engine No1, felt the impact, aborted the engine start, and looked aft from the cockpit window.

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The aircraft was substantially damaged and 10 passengers received minor injuries. The left roll hesitated briefly, but continued and the nose again dropped. The engines and landing gear separated from the airplane.

The passengers were evacuated with no reports of injuries. It overran across soft ground and struck approach lights and the ILS antenna.

Nine of the passengers were killed.

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Non-recognition that the cabin pressurization mode selector was in the MAN manual position during the performance of the Preflight procedure, the Before Start checklist and the After Takeoff checklist.

Engine 1 caught fire shortly after docking destroying the aircraft. The exterior of the airplane was also damaged from sliding 2, feet on its nose along runway 4 before coming to rest, off to the right side of the runway.

The electronics bay was damaged. Any additional information about any of these incidents would be gratefully received.

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